Tips for Sellers

Tips to help you feel confident with your sales.


Be sure to research and evaluate if you have any items to sell that may be of real value. You need to be confident of your pricing.

You may need a folding table (pasting table) and be prepared for rain. Plastic sheets if required. It’s great if someone else is with you as it’s much easier to serve and it’s more fun with two.

Be prepared, get everything ready the night before, check the weather forecast and pack the car. Arrive early.

Always check over your items for damage and clothing for money or other valuables.

You will need small change, small notes, pen and paper carrier bags, a chair and bin liners.

Be Aware

Unfortunately, items can go missing so be firm and vigilant.

Beware as a seller of people working together where one buyer will try to keep you busy and distract you while the partner in crime is unloading your stall.

Always keep your car doors locked when you are serving, and your takings in a safe place.

Setting Up

It’s a good idea to display your most saleable items where they can be easily viewed and examined. Also arrange in themes if possible so there is logic to your stall.

Take a look at your stall from the buyer’s perspective. Is it in good shape and interesting to the buyer? Is there space to move around the pitch?

For a large pitch arrange a semi-circle of stalls as its nice and inviting and gives buyers less chance for their attention to wander to the next stall! Spread your items out so people can see exactly what you are selling.

Your Customers

Be clear and precise on your asking price. Remember everyone wants to haggle.

Be polite and friendly with customers even if sometimes it is difficult.

Always remember your objective for being at the sale. To unload your unwanted items, at a reasonable price as quickly as possible. Charge accordingly!

Plan your selling tactics e.g. advertise ‘buy one get one free’ offers if it suits your purpose.

Be ready to offer to take care of heavy or bulky purchases while the buyer continues to walk around the sale. Be sure they make a note of what time you plan to leave.

Always take a reasonable deposit for any items you agree to deliver the buyer’s address. Take note of buyer’s telephone number.

Make time to have a walk around the boot sale yourself and grab any bargains you see to replace your stock and add to your profits.

Have fun and keep smiling.

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