Tips for Buyers

Tips to help you find the best bargains.


You will need a supply of small change and small notes, keep them readily accessible.

Keep your wits about you and keep your valuables out of reach and safe.

Depending on what you might be looking to buy take a good-sized rucksack or other carry bag.

Dress for the occasion particularly in winter as you are exposed to the elements.

Do some forward planning and decide what you are looking for before you arrive. Try and focus on what you are looking for as it is very easy to get distracted by other items.


If you are buying with view to selling through other channels, make sure items you buy are not prohibited.

Only buy items at a price you can sell on to make a reasonable profit. You need to be objective about your buying otherwise you could be doing a lot of work for little or no return.

It’s always a good strategy to be polite with sellers and definitely let them unpack most of their items before trying to identify bargains!

Take a good look around as some of the more interesting or special items may be out of harm’s way.

Make sure when buying that items are in good order with no damage as there will be no going back. You typically buy as seen.

The Market

It’s always a good idea to walk the market a second time as other sellers may arrived late or you may have missed something interesting on your first visit.

Be prepared to haggle but remember sellers deserve a decent price for good quality items.

Always be polite and smile when you ask the price – it might just get you a discount. Always request a discount if you are buying multiple items.

Do not get carried away in the excitement, consider carefully before parting with large amounts of money.

If you are not sure, leave your telephone number with the seller and negotiate after the sale is over if the item is not sold. Sellers often reduce prices later in the day.

Never leave expensive purchases with sellers for safe keeping – they may sell to someone else for a higher price.

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