Clara Sunday Market
& Car Boot Sale




By reading the following conditions of entry into the market you are deemed to accept

the terms and conditions and abide by them to secure a place in the market. In the

event of a breach of the terms and conditions of entry you will forfeit your place in the

market, and if necessary a formal complaint will be made to An Garda Siochana. The

organizers and/or management's decision is final in this regard.

1. No stallholder/trader shall gain entry to and/or exit from the market other than

through the trader's entrance situate at Old Woodfield Road. All

stallholders/traders must report to the office before proceeding to their pitch.

2. Management will make pitch/stall assignments. Pitches/stalls assigned are nontransferable.

All traders/stallholders must comply with and adhere to the rules

on set up and punctually set up hereafter.

3. Set up will begin between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Market Day. During this

period traders may enter the market area for the purpose of readying their stall

place/pitch for the day's sales.

4. Management cannot guarantee a particular pitch in the market and so

stallholders/traders should be in their assigned place before 9 a.m. Any

pitches unoccupied by 9 a.m. will be available for allocation to other traders or

stallholders on a first come, first served basis and subject to the discretion of

management unless management are contacted and agree in advance.

5. Costs: The management reserve the right to set an individual tariff for use of

the market stall on any particular day. The hours of use of the stall should be

entirely at the discretion of the management which said times may vary from

stall to stall and from week to week. All fees should be paid in advance in the

matter and mode as determined by the management.

6. Stallholders/traders pay rent for occupying part of a market site. Temporary

occupation of that pitch by the stallholder/trader on the day does not create or

establish any right, lease, agreement, contract or easement on that site, and the

stallholder/trader is subject to removal by management from any position in

accordance with the wishes of management. Management reserve the right to

remove any stall from the market if, in the judgment of the management, the

stall in question no longer subscribes to the overall policy of the market.

Management reserves the right to adjust and change the direction of

management policy without consultation with the traders/stallholders.

7. Each stallholder/trader is responsible for cleaning his/her stall area to the

satisfaction of management. All stallholders/traders shall remove from the

market all litter/debris generated by the market activity. Any clean up by

management will be charged to the trader/stallholder.

8. All stallholder/traders must remain within the boundaries of the pitch allocated

to them.

9. Management is not liable and assumes no responsibility to any personal items

or property in and/or under the stalls.

10. The sale of the following items is not permitted:

a. Counterfeit DVDs, CDs or any other goods.

b. Alcohol or drugs of any kind.

c. Cigarettes.

d. Fireworks.

e. Stolen property.

f. Unsafe goods.

g. Any goods as deemed to be inappropriate by management.

11. Where stallholders/traders move fixtures and fittings belonging to third parties

within the market, it is the stallholder/trader's responsibility to return them to

their previous position and to accept full responsibility for any damage. It is

also the stallholder/trader's responsibility to pay care and attention to the

grounds of the market and any costs in respect of repairs thereto shall be borne

by the stallholder or trader.

12. All food stalls are subject to environmental health regulations. It is the

responsibility of each stallholder/trader to be aware of the rules and

regulations relating to their particular product. All food licences (where

appropriate) must be valid and displayed prominently at front of stall. Due

care and attention by stallholders and their agents in regard to stall hygiene is


13. Traders/stallholders must comply with all laws, civil and criminal, rules,

regulations, and bylaws at the time being enforced. All traders must comply

with any/all directions issued by members of An Garda Siochana and stewards

patrolling the premises. CCTV cameras are in operation on the premises and

can be made available to An Garda Siochana in the event of a criminal


14. All traders/stallholders and patrons must behave in an orderly and cooperative

manner. Traders must not engage in any criminal activity. All traders are

responsible for the actions and behaviour of their representatives, employees

or agents and agree to indemnify the management, their servants or agents in

full against all claims for cost or compensation arising from any actions that

result in injury or otherwise to any person.

15. Persons whom in the opinion of management are in breach of the within terms

and conditions and/or pose a risk to market safety, security and/or who

interfere with the commerce and operation of the market may be advised to

leave by management or its duly authorized representative, service and/or

agent. Any such person may be removed from the market premises by use of

an oral and/or written trespass warning. Management reserves the right to

pursue any cause of action whether civil and/or criminal available to it in

respect of an act of trespass.

16. All litter is to be removed from the trader's area at the end of each market day.

17. Management reserves the right to make alterations to the above conditions of

entry into the market as and when they deem necessary.

18. Management reserves the right to refuse permission to any person or persons

to be on the premises for any reason.

19. Management reserve the right to request all stallholders/traders to provide their

names, addresses to management through the office located at the Main

Entrance of the Market. Failure to do so may result in admission being